So I have a dog named Outlaw.  He’s Jack Russel, and probably something else because he has long legs,  and personally I think he’s adorable.  He likes to run, leap, and jump.  He does not like the vet and peed on me when we took him for surgery that cost $400 because his intestines were out of his stomach so they had to be pushed back in.  My cousin got him off the streets when he was a stray last winter after his owners threw him out to die and the poor baby almost got hit by a car.  Jerks.

I think Outlaw is almost a year old now.   The vet thought he was four to five months when he first went into the vet’s office but then a couple months later said he was six months old as he had all his adult teeth in when we took him into the vet for his surgery and to get neutered.

Taken with my laptop webcam last month.

The tiled mosaic below is when he was about five months and when he first came home.


outlaw 4

outlaw 5

My profile picture was also taken with my laptop webcam and is of my dog.  Outlaw likes having his left ear up for some reason.   But I think it’s cute as it usually ends up that way after he runs around for a bit.  He also loves playing with cats and is a friendly dog to them but he doesn’t like my grandmother’s friend at all and has a very loud bark for such a little fellow.  Outlaw also enjoys digging for moles and other underground creatures.  He has a couple of white claws and a half pink/half black pad on the underside of one paw.  He also has spots all over his stomach, legs and paws.


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