Has It Been Two Months?

So, I confess updating this blog has completely slipped my mind.   I have started therapy sessions as February 12, 2016.  It took a month to get a response from Eve, the woman who did my intake.  She assigned me to a woman named Kyrie and I met with Kyrie on the 12th at 3:00 PM.   It went well and I only had to sign one form (thank God) which covered an explanation of goals (working on my anger and learning how to interact with people).  We agreed to meet every two weeks and if more time is needed, will meet more often.   My next appointment is on the 29th of February and I must say it is a relief being able to talk to someone without having medication shoved down one’s throat.

Outlaw is doing well.  He is an ornery little pup who is good about taking his heartworm medication.   The potty training needs some work but he has spent the last couple of days outside due to it being in the 50s Fahrenheit.  I am going to make a schedule for him with times to take him out so he can get used to going potty at certain times of the day.  Getting fixed apparently does not make male dogs stop lifting their legs to pee, at least not with Outlaw though most of the time he squats I guess would be the word to describe it.  He also sometimes tries to hump people’s legs which I thought being fixed was supposed to stop that as well but I’m not a vet.

The weather has been rather yucky.  With the temperatures in the 50s these past couple days and today as well, the majority of the snow has finally melted, naturally leaving mud in its place   I discovered that Little Cesar’s has those Zap spice now in spice bottles as they no longer carry the little packets anymore but just putting oregano and basil onto a pizza is alright.  Outlaw goes to the vet in April for his yearly vaccinations I believe but he does pretty good with them.  However he does not like going to the vet at all, poor baby.


Something that I think I want to do is start eating healthy and cooking.  I have some ingredients for a few recipes but have not yet used them to cook foods.  I should start doing that but I also have some boxed food as well to eat such as Hamburger Helper boxes and that  Zatarian’s Jambalaya mix.   I also should cut out soda and start taking care of my teeth since the dentist gripes about me not taking care of my teeth.  Most likely I am that way because fixing my teeth was never important to my mother and she never followed through on my appointments with the dentist as a child.  I also have twenty-nine days to make up from last Ramadan before June 5th 2016 but it is not easy as I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Disorder and my periods are all over the place.  That reminds me.  I have to call the doctor to get my metFormin renewed and arrange a pap smear at some point.


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