Doctor Visit April

I went into the doctor for a pap test on April 19th and had an automatic Pelvic exam done as well.  I was put back on Metforim but only have 1 refill available for now.   I also ended up back on my period which sucks after it ending on April 14th but at least it wasn’t there when I had my test so I suppose I can deal with it.  I go back in four months for another visit.   In addition to PCOD I have a Friable Cervix.  My doctor was surprised to learn that when I did my fertility testing in August 2012 or 2013 that he did not do a pelvic exam on me and just did the trans-vaginal ultrasound but whatever. I’m no doctor.  I also weigh 223 lbs but with my body shape I carry fat on my stomach, thighs and ass which makes my back curve slightly.  I am also petite and fat runs in my family on my mother’s side so even if I exercise (which I haven’t been doing), I still look like a cow and still am fat.  If I could, I’d get all the fat cut off of me.  That’s what I would prefer to do but I don’t have the money for it.   I don’t have any upper body strength and I don’t eat right (I drink a lot of soda though I have cut out junk food).   But that is pointless as I rarely eat fruits and only eat certain types of vegetables (broccoli, peas, potatoes, corn).


Since I live out in the country, there are no sidewalks which means no walking anywhere.  There are no methods of public transportation and I still haven’t bothered working on studying for my permit.  I rarely go out to eat, partly because I don’t drive and partly because I don’t have the money since I don’t have an income.  I keep saying I’m going to eat healthy, I’m going to study for my permit, etc. but I don’t because I’m just lazy.  I wish I lived in Toledo, OH again.  I would be out walking every day.  Or in Turkey.  They do a lot of walking in Turkey.  I’ll never get pregnant this way, probably won’t get pregnant anyway due to my irregular periods and fertility problem.  If I end up lifting stuff I get out of breath but I know the weight isn’t good for me as it hurts my back and makes my heart beat really fast. Sometimes I wish I had the body of my younger sister.  She’s skinny, getting her genes and looks from my abusive step father.


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