It has been a long time since I have written here.  I am sad to say that life has been keeping me busy and has made me reluctant to write anything, whether it be in my diary, on this blog and even my fan fiction website.   There are a lot of problems at home concerning money and such.   Our cat Pepper passed away some months ago and we gained a mother orange cat with some kittens, the mother being a stray and pregnant when she was dumped off.  Sadly dumping pregnant cats and dogs is not uncommon where I live.


Outlaw is doing well.  He will be turning 2 in November I would say.  He still hasn’t grown out of his hyper stage and his trying to eat my blankets stage.  I am still working on potty training him and he’s been doing alright with not going pee in the house but he no longer wears diapers anymore unless we are going somewhere all day and then he is put in his cage.    I bought a baby gate to put in my door so I can get fresh air from the air conditioner but it’s kind of a pain to stay in place and if I don’t have it right then Outlaw can push it open and runs for freedom all around the house like a kid hyped up on sugar.

I have been lazy about studying for my driving test.  I have the book for my state, I just haven’t been into studying for it and then there is needing to save up for a car.    Such a pain to deal with, trying to get independence and growing up so that Outlaw and I can move out of the house eventually and get our own place.  Such a pain to find a place that allows dogs as well.  My Medicaid has been approved for another year as I just got the letter a couple days ago and I have a phone interview for my food stamps this week I believe.


I have now been to Malabar Farm and Ohio State Reformatory.  Both were interesting.  I tended to do a lot of walking around by myself, though I went with my grandmother, aunt and cousin Harley to the Ohio State Reformatory.  I do not recommend eating at Steve’s Dakota Grill, located on Park Avenue West in Ontario, OH. Even though it was slow, it took a while to get food and my grandmother’s meal gave her diarrhea and vomiting. There were a lot of dead animal heads on the walls, donated by the wife of some big game hunter.  Umm…a Cape Buffalo head, a hybrid red sheep from North America, a feral goat from Australia, I believe a pronghorn or gazelle (it was some type of antelope), a fish with a giant blue fin on its back.  I’m sorry, I just do not agree with hunting for sport or poaching big game.  I think you should only hunt or fish if you are going to actually use the meat and skins, not because you have a complex.

I have to pay $250 to my publisher as they are going out of business to get my PDF files for my book so I can republish it via Create Space.  It is disappointing and upset me.  It is a good thing that I checked my email when I did as I have until I believe August 23rd 2016 to do so.   My cousin Melissa and her children, Jesselee and Zaylee Dawn are moving back here to my grandmother’s until she is able to get her own place on August 12th, but my cousin is up high on the waiting list now for HUD and has some job opportunities available so hopefully she leaves soon because she never contributes to anything here and has a habit of taking my food, like my cereal.

My mother is now working at Auntie Anne’s (that pretzel place) in the new Tanger Outlets that was built.  They are having problems hiring people and people showing up for the interviews but it s $12.00 an hour for management I think and $11.00 an hour for crew.  McDonald’s is also hiring, $10.10 an hour by Tanger Outlets, I believe given that the minimum wage for Ohio is $8.10 an hour.  A new Tanger Outlets is due to be built within Columbus, OH soon as well.  I was surprised at the Muslim women wearing abaya and hijab, one Muslim woman even wearing a scarf around her face and nobody seemed to care.  There were also quite a few Asians there.   It is nice to know that there are some places that don’t care about Muslim women in abaya (the black robe that they wear) when there are so many things in the news lately about Muslim Americans being kicked off flights for looking ‘too Muslim’ or speaking Arabic or reading books with ‘Syria’ in them.   Delta and American Airlines seem to be the worst for Muslim American passengers and discrimination.   This is a problem for me as United, which I have never had issues with, is often more expensive than American Airlines and Delta when wanting to visit St. Thomas or Puerto Rico.   I am wondering if all American Muslims should just leave the country while they can before my novel comes true and Locked In comes to pass.  Something I very well fear with Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for Presidency in November.


I am thinking of becoming a Vet Assistant.  I am looking into going to Kent State Tuscarawas.   There is a lot of science, naturally, but it is science I never took with going to Excel Academy (Excel Academy was a private K-12 school that had 2 grades in each classroom that served children in Central OH.  It was basically the children public schools didn’t want to deal with).  Well, my grandmother wants me to do something besides education as she thinks that I won’t be able to get a job being a teacher.   This is partly why I hope to get out of the house soon and on my own.  The only one who thinks I can be a teacher is my husband Ali.   But as I have looked at the program, I realize it might be fun.  So, my new education goal is to go to school and become a Vet Assistant, then go to school for my education degree like planned, get my TESOL Endorsement to teach ESL to K-12 learners in OH, and hopefully get a job in China or Korea when I graduate Insha Allah.

My therapy has been alright.  I haven’t been taking my Metformin or my prescription toothpaste as I have eroding enamel on my teeth.  I have been diagnosed, as of right now, of agoraphobia which is apparently fear of going out and of people.   My therapist put in an appointment with a case worker to work on my getting social security and my grandmother was talking about how I could probably apply for HUD right now if I wanted.  Apparently it is usual for people to be denied social security the first couple of times and I will have to start all over because I never appealed after being denied the first time.   My grandmother is helping me with this stuff as my mother refuses to do so and my grandmother also said that she would make sure I am able to remain within her home when she dies or if anything were to happen to her.


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