It has been a long time since I have written here.  I am sad to say that life has been keeping me busy and has made me reluctant to write anything, whether it be in my diary, on this blog and even my fan fiction website.   There are a lot of problems at home […]

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Doctor Visit April

I went into the doctor for a pap test on April 19th and had an automatic Pelvic exam done as well.  I was put back on Metforim but only have 1 refill available for now.   I also ended up back on my period which sucks after it ending on April 14th but at least […]

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Grocery List

So today I went shopping.   I don’t think I am going to use the Hamburger Helper or leftover Zatarina Jambayala box mixes anymore as I want to start eating healthy, Insha Allah.  Insha Allah is Arabic for ‘God Willing’.   So I bought the following: 2 pears 1 thing of bananas 3 for $10 […]

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Has It Been Two Months?

So, I confess updating this blog has completely slipped my mind.   I have started therapy sessions as February 12, 2016.  It took a month to get a response from Eve, the woman who did my intake.  She assigned me to a woman named Kyrie and I met with Kyrie on the 12th at 3:00 […]

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So I have a dog named Outlaw.  He’s Jack Russel, and probably something else because he has long legs,  and personally I think he’s adorable.  He likes to run, leap, and jump.  He does not like the vet and peed on me when we took him for surgery that cost $400 because his intestines were […]

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Personal Jihad

I am a Muslim convert though some Muslims prefer the term ‘revert’ as they say you are reverting back to the religion you were born in.   Muslims believe everyone is born Muslim, yet it is the parents who make the child a Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Hindu, Agnostic, Christian, etc.  

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FS Appraisal

I am on Food Stamps and Medicaid.  Yesterday was my six month Food Stamp Appraisal Workshop with a lot of other people.  It appears that now if you are on Food Stamps, my state requires all SNAP recipients get a job for 20 hours a week and 15 hours of volunteer work a month for […]

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